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Cambridge, CB25 9TN
30,488 SF Office Building
29,876 sq ft
To Let
The building provides highly resilient and secure accommodation arranged over three floors, comprising office space, double height central control room…
Cambridge, CB22 3EG
15,613 SF Office Building
3,985 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a contemporary building offering office accommodation arranged over two floors. The accommodation is of a high specification including…
Cambridge, CB4 0WW
29,946 SF Office Building
5,497 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a purpose built office building arranged over three floors. The property is located on Milton Road within Cambridge Science Park…
Cambridge, CB22 3JH
9,506 SF Office Building
1,089-2,188 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a purpose built, terraced office building consisting of five separate units, which are of masonry brickwork construction and brickwork…
Cambridge, CB1 2HJ
185,464 SF Office Building
6,370 sq ft
To Let
The property will comprise a building over eight floors providing office accommodation. The property will be of steel frame construction surmounted by…
Cambridge, CB22 3BG
2,851 SF Retail Building
555 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a terraced building of masonry construction providing retail space within three units at ground floor level and office accommodation…
Cambridge, CB4 0EY
21,963 SF Office Building
119-137 sq ft
To Let
The propert includes office/R&D space.
Sandy, SG19 3BP
1,443 SF Office Building
1,443 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a building of brick construction under a pitched roof arranged over two floors offering office accommodation throughout. The property…
Cambridge, CB5 8LP
5,203 SF Office Building
1,308 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a terraced office building of brick construction under a pitched slate roof offering accommodation over three floors. The property…
Cambridge, CB22 6SA
60,384 SF Light Industrial Building
1,830-25,594 sq ft
To Let
The property comprises a mixed use business park providing warehouse and office accommodation over ground and first floors. Foxton village is located…

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